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We have selected special wear-resistant adhesive transparent thin films and special paints that do not displease your eye. Colours of Russian or Ukrainian lettering differ: you may choose among white, black, blue, yellow and red. This range is quite sufficient for all possible colours of your keyboard and the stickers well match any design your notebook or your favourite keyboard might have!

Transparent base keyboard stickers, red letters

Fig. 1. Transparent base keyboard stickers (red letters)

Two kinds of stickers have been developed - on a transparent or a non-transparent base. Stickers exhibiting white, red and yellow letters have a transparent base. Letters are applied with wear-resistant flat paints by a special technology so that they do not gleam when slant sun rays or artificial light fall on them. The general effect is that the letters look practical and non-intrusive.

Transparent base keyboard stickers, white letters

Fig. 2. Transparent base keyboard stickers (white letters)

Transparent base keyboard stickers, yellow letters

Fig. 3. Transparent base keyboard stickers (yellow letters) 

Transparent base keyboard stickers, black letters

Fig. 4. Transparent base keyboard stickers (black letters) 

Transparent base keyboard stickers, green letters

Fig. 5. Transparent base keyboard stickers (green letters)

Pasting-up of our products will make you feel real pleasure! Why? That’s because the stickers made on a TRANSPARENT base are the only stickers in the world which backside exhibits the appropriate key of the keyboard! When unsticking a letter from the set, you should just look upon the backside of the sticker and you will never mix up the key whereto you need to paste the unstuck letter.

Transparent base keyboard stickers, blue letters

Fig. 6. Transparent base keyboard stickers (blue letters) 

  [Transparent base keyboard stickers (back side)]

Fig. 7. Backside of the transparent base stickers

Dimentions of sticker's field

Fig.8. Dimentions of sticker's field

We sell our keyboard stickers either retail or wholesale. Wholesale buyers will be pleased with a practical and convenient transparent package which holds 50 stickers. At your desire we can pack any quantity of stickers of any kind in accordance with your preliminary request.

You can order stickers from our webshop ROOT .

The stickers feature:

1.        High quality;

2.        Style and original design;

3.        Excellent choice for white and black key keyboards;

4.        Suitable both for full-scale keyboards and notebooks;

5.        Keyboards like our stickers!

6.        Adequate price;

7.        Ukrainian production!!! Support the domestic producer!

Sincerely yours,

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